Fallen Knights have risen from the ashes of former guild's Deathbloom and Fallen. The core group of officers have been playing through multiple expansions and even multiple games as a raiding group. We're looking for people that want to play and enjoy the game, not just a raid group to gear up in. We are a Guild designed on gaming experience for mature players that have real-life time commitments outside of game.

Fallen Knights is first and foremost a progression guild, but we subscribe to the idea that doing well does not require an excessive investment of time. We accomplish this by making efficient use of our limited time – we waste no time on drama, standing around waiting, or meaninglessly bashing heads into brick walls on fights we didn’t prepare ourselves for. We allocate 3 nights a week for raiding.(Tues-Thru) 

We also schedule PVP for Weekends (rated and non-rated), Friday/Saturday nights are guild team building nights, where we focus on guild achievements and comradery as a guild.

We want our members to enjoy playing the game the way they want to play it, but when it comes to raiding you are no longer playing for yourself. You are playing for the other members in the raid as well.


If this is something that you are interested in, please read the Recruitment and feel free to apply, look forward to seeing you in game.
Guild News

Guild Update for Legion

by Baldmagic, 75 days ago

Fallen Knights is having open enrollments until 8-30-2016. At this time there will be no application process to join the guild, starting on 9-1-2016 open enrollment will be closed and all applicants will have to apply through the website.

Please take this time to invite any good players you come across in your adventures. 

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